Monday, June 26, 2017

Five Reasons to Buy Spike Lug Nuts

Your car or truck says a lot about you. That's why you spend time and money to make sure it looks its best. Every inch of your vehicle is important, even the lug nuts. Perhaps you've been considering something more edgy or aggressive but are worried about price or availability. Spike lug nuts are the accessory your tires need.


Spike lug nuts are not a one-vehicle fad. They work perfectly well for anything with wheels. You can add them to your truck, use them for an ATV, or even put some on the family minivan. Unlike so many other upgrades, spike lug nuts let you use them wherever you want them.


If you want your vehicle to look good, but you’re on a budget, spike lug nuts are the upgrade for you. Spike lug nuts aren’t much more expensive than regular lug nuts, and they’re vastly cheaper than most other aesthetic upgrades. They improve the overall look of your wheels without a pricey investment in easily-scratched rims.


Since so much of vehicle and driving regulations fall under state jurisdiction, it’s easy to get confused about what’s legal and where. When you look into county, township, and city regulations, you’ll face even more restrictions. These codes may prevent you from getting the undercarriage lights you want or the top notch sound system you planned for. Window tinting is a big issue in most states, and dark windows will get you pulled over faster than you can blink. Spike lug nuts are legal everywhere. They look tough, but they aren’t a hazard. They also won’t start a war with your neighbors.


There are plenty of really clever and interesting aesthetic upgrades you can purchase for your vehicle, but many come with a catch. Lights catch the eye, whether they’re built into your undercarriage or added to your windows, these features drain the life from your battery. If you don’t have a newer car with a reasonably fresh, strong battery, you might have to get comfortable with jumper cables. Other aesthetic upgrades create further risks. For example, spinning rims look great, but you have to put a lot of faith into both your driving skills and the manufacturer. Even a slight bump with a curb could potentially snap off or damage the spinning components. Spike lug nuts may look fierce, but they aren’t actually sharp in reality, and they’re also shorter than they look. Even if they were to come into contact with a cement curb, the worst case scenario would simply involve a replacement lug nut or two. This would take some serious vehicular contortion, though.

Spike Lug Nuts Look Great

Spike lug nuts are built for looks. They work as well as any traditional lug nut, but the design is more modern. By swapping flat lug nuts for spikes, you make a simple change that does a lot to improve the look of your vehicle. It isn’t a big change, but the best upgrades don’t have to be.

When you’re looking for a safe, legal, and an affordable way to improve any vehicle with wheels, check out spike lug nuts. These little upgrades are as sensible as they are eye-catching. They won’t get you pulled over, but they’ll draw plenty of looks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Four Reasons to Buy a Whole Suspension Set at Once

Repairs may feel like an endless cycle, but there’s a way to put the carousel in and out of the mechanic’s on hold. By replacing your entire suspension set at a single time, you can save a lot of the time and funding you would have to spend on individual repairs. There are a lot of benefits to this practice, and we outline four of them in more detail below.

No Guessing Games
A big challenge for any vehicle owner is guessing what part of a system is creating a problem. Unless you have the tools to lift and essentially disassemble your car, you won’t be able to easily target the specific part that is causing problems. If you repair your car piece by piece, every repair will be a scavenger hunt. Since those pieces are all different ages, you’ll get to enjoy a lot more of those scavenger hunts, too. Replacing your suspension set all at once means fewer trips to the mechanic, or at least fewer days stuck under your car in the 

Fine Tune Together
Of all the parts and systems that go into your car, few are so delicate and difficult to tune as your suspension. This work is tedious, time consuming, and easy to mess up. All it takes is one good pot hole to require fresh adjustments. Older and newer parts trying to work in harmony can throw your suspension out of alignment, too. Installing your suspension piecemeal makes tuning more difficult and increases the need for regular checkups. If you fine tune your entire, fresh system in one sweep, you can rest assured that it’s truly performing as well as it can.

Your Wheels Will Thank You
Your wheels depend on good suspension. Breaks or strains on your suspension system put extra stress on your tires and throws your wheels out of alignment. Tires are expensive. Buying extras when you don’t have to is a waste of money. Making sure your tires don’t wear down prematurely is also a safety concern. If you have an old suspension set, and you plan on going on a trip, replacing the set in full could prevent the extra wear and tear that leads to flat tires.

All of these points add up to the most important point of all: spending less. While you might be willing to sink some extra funds into your car to give it the power and style you need, there’s no point paying for extra repairs and parts that could be avoided. A full suspension set puts your vehicle in better standing for a longer period of time, which allows you to save up for the things you actually want.

Replacing your full suspension set can make your car feel like an entirely new ride. It limits damage to other systems in the near future as well. Although it requires a larger initial payout, you’ll save more and drive safer for a longer time with a full new suspension set.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Spike Lug Nuts: The Legal Way to Buff Up Your Car

First of all, let’s clear the air. Spike lug nuts are legal. They don’t look like they should be, but they’re less likely to get you pulled over than that window tint you’re considering. They come in all sizes, materials, and colors, and if you can ride it, you can fit spikes on it.

ATV Spike Lug Nuts

ATVs are all about adventure, but customizing them to reflect your wild side is a pain. Paint jobs and body mods cost a pretty penny. What hurts more than the initial payout is the fact that all that custom work probably won’t survive more than a few trips around your favorite off-road track. ATVs are built tough, and they often survive dramatic flips, rolls, and slides without any serious damage. Cosmetics, of course, are another story entirely.

Spike lug nuts offer a practical way to add some style to your ATV. Extra work on the body of an ATV, usually looks like the owner is trying too hard. You want to avoid this. However, your ATV actually needs lug nuts, though, and these understated accessories add a sharp bit of style that stands out of the crowd. They’re available in a range of materials and colors to match any wheels, and unlike that pretty paint job, they can actually stand up to everything you have to throw at them.

Car and Truck Spike Lug Nuts

Cars and trucks face strict appearance and modification policing. A lot of the most interesting additions aren’t legal, at least not for driving on the street. Unless you plan to tow your beautiful work of art everywhere, you’ll have to think outside the box. Again, this is where spike lug nuts come into play. While they look like some wicked device from a Roman chariot race, spike lug nuts are entirely legal and perfectly safe. They reflect the attitude of your car. They don’t make it a killer.

Another factor to consider about spike lug nuts is the price. You can light up your undercarriage and invest in chrome everything, but only if you have the budget. Chances are, even after you’ve gone through all the cost and effort of making your car a one-of-a-kind custom ride, it will still turn out looking like some other guy’s toy. The market is only just now waking up to the advantage of spike lug nuts. Most people just assume they’re illegal because they look dangerous, but they’re perfectly legal and still surprisingly unique.

Best of all, spike lug nuts add a certain flair to your car or truck that you just can’t get from most popular modifications. They’re simple, they don’t interfere with your vehicle’s overall shape and design, and they’re actually useful. Gilding the lily is always a disaster, and who wants a pretty paint job when you can turn your car into something straight out of a post-apocalyptic thriller?

Spike lug nuts are legal, but you don’t have to tell anyone except the cops. You can enjoy everyone else’s double-takes. Whether you want to buff up your ATV, car, or truck, the right spikes are waiting.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pros and Cons of Lightweight Racing Lug Nuts

Lightweight racing lug nuts are tailored to speed. They are made for a specific purpose, and they fulfill that purpose well. It’s popular to use racing parts as much as is legally possible in regular vehicles, but lightweight racing lug nuts are best used for the purpose their name suggests. They don’t give many advantages, but they can help racers shave a bit off their vehicle’s total weight, and that’s important when you’re aiming for a win. That weight can make all the difference between coming in first place or second place.  Still, lightweight racing lug nuts have their own set of pros and cons, and it's best to be informed before you invest in new hardware.

Pros of Lightweight Racing Lug Nuts

Lightweight racing lug nuts can cut precious pounds off of a race car, or any car looking to maximize its potential for speed. Although they sometimes require a little extra torque to fit down, most drivers have few issues getting the lighter weight lug nuts to go where they should. Although the idea of a lightweight lug nut may sound like an opportunity for cracks, breaks, and loose wheels, the truth is very different. Most lightweight racing lug nuts are made of aluminum. The materials used come from many of the same programs that produce the gear used in aircrafts. Just because they are light doesn’t mean they aren’t tough. The key advantage is definitely speed, but these lug nuts don’t lack for strength.

Cons of Lightweight Racing Lug Nuts

Unfortunately, lightweight lug nuts aren’t built to fit every vehicle. As mentioned above, they can be made to fit most racing cars. Still, that fit isn’t perfect. They may come loose, especially under rapid speeds. If you use lightweight lug nuts in a race car, you need to check them often to make sure they haven’t come loose. It’s a good idea to routinely tighten them, just in case they’ve become loose just enough to jeopardize your wheel’s stability. Just because they aren’t clearly loose and jiggling around doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little tightening up.

Are They Right for You?

This ultimately comes down to how light you need your car to be. The best fitting lug nuts may not be lightweight, but they won’t require the same amount of adjustments lightweight options will. On the other hand, a little less weight could help you pull ahead of the competition. The purpose of your vehicle will ultimately determine whether or not lightweight lug nuts will do what you need.

Thanks to their shortcomings, it’s a good idea to test out lightweight racing lug nuts before you hit the track for a race. Check to see exactly how much weight they cut off, and compare that to how much trouble it is to tighten them up all the time. They offer a great benefit, but it comes at a price. If you don’t pay attention to the cons we discussed, you could end up losing more than a race.

Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Tell You’ve Picked the Wrong Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are the unsung heroes of the wheel world. They hold your tire in place firmly. They keep any extra hardware, like wheel spacers, in place and working well. Lug nut failure is a serious business. While, obviously, the biggest sign of picking the wrong lug nuts is having a wheel come off, there are other signs you should be on the lookout for as well. If your lug nuts are too short or wear out quickly, you’ve picked the wrong lug nuts. On a lighter note, not all lug nuts look good with all wheels. That can be a problem too.

They’re too short

Lug nuts that are too short, don’t have the grip needed to hold your wheel in place. Lug nuts come in different sizes. These sizes correspond to the depth of the parts that they want to hold together. When a lug nut is too short, it can’t “grip” the second piece well enough. You could have only one or two threads (the raised edges that spiral around a lug nut and interlock with other parts to hold them in place) gripping the tire or your wheel. This poses a safety hazard. Once you’re on the road, these two threads have to bear the full torque of your tire. Eventually, they could snap.

You can also get the wrong lug nuts by purchasing lug nuts that are too long. However, this problem is usually caught immediately during installation, as your lug nuts literally don’t fit the wheel. When you tighten them all the way in, they still protrude from the wheel instead of lying flush. This is a dead giveaway that you’ve picked the wrong lug nuts, and people rarely make it to the road with these errors.

They get worn out quickly

Your lug nuts take a beating. They’re exposed to the elements, and they hold your tires together. The right lug nuts can last for years, despite this constant punishment. The only time you should replace them is in the event of damage during a tire replacement or rotation. A cross-thread is the most common cause of lug nut death.

If you’re taking your tires in to be rotated (at a trustworthy shop) or you’re rotating them at home and each time you’re having to replace worn lug nuts, something is wrong. You’re choosing the wrong lug nuts somewhere down the line. If you’ve modified your vehicle, you could be putting extra torque that weaker lug nuts can’t stand. You may have to upgrade to titanium lug nuts to get the strength you need.

They don’t match the look you want

If your lug nuts stand out from your rims as an eyesore, you’ve picked the wrong lug nuts. While some people value different things in their rides, most people want it to look good. Getting lug nuts with a color treatment or of a different metal can make your ride look awesome--every time.

Picking the wrong lug nuts could be dangerous--or just unsightly. Make sure that your lug nuts are the right length for your tire and your after-market modifications. Your lug nuts should be able to take a beating and keep going. Lastly, if you want something flashy you might as well go all the way. Get the look you want.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Four Modifications to Improve Off Road Performance

With spring, comes the season for off-road adventures. When you really want to tear up a gravel road or a muddy field, aftermarket mods give you the best off-road performance. But which modifications give you the best experience when you want some adventure? If you really want to push your vehicle to the limits, read about these modifications and find one that's perfect for you.

1. Wheel spacing

Wheel spacers are an easy way to give your vehicle an edge in the fields. They’re easy to install and give your vehicle a subtle boost. Putting a wheel spacer in allows widens the stance of your vehicle. In addition to getting an aggressive appearance, this gives you superior handling. Wide stances allow you greater control over turning and steering. While a simple wheel spacer won’t make the biggest impact in the world, it’s a good place to start. You don’t want to invest in a more complicated mod until you know how your vehicle will handle with a simple tune up. Some vehicles don’t need more than that.

2. The right tires

You need the right tires when you’re taking your vehicle off the beaten path. While larger tires are often better, you’re going to need to make a lot of other modifications to your vehicle to be able to sport the largest set. Unless you want to invest in a lift kit (and much more), consider only sizing up a size or two. Instead, look for the best tires with the tread that you want. The better a vehicle handles on the street, the less its tires are suited for mudding. Choosing the right tire is a matter of considering the trade-offs. If you have to commute in the same car you off road in, you can’t go all the way to off road gear. You can, however, get good off-road performance and good city driving—just not at the same time.

3. Brake choice

If you’re going to take your vehicle out into the wild, you have to focus on your brakes. This is especially true if you’re using wheel spacers and/or larger tires. Anything that changes the way your tires fit can affect your brakes. The most common issue with modified tires is a shorter lifespan for your brakes. If you’re riding them hard off road, you need to inspect them more regularly than you otherwise would. You can also consider building in larger, sturdier brakes, especially if you’re running through factory-issue builds too quickly.

4. Strong lug nuts

Sometimes the biggest choices you make are also the smallest. None of these mods would be possible without strong lug nuts. The right lug nut can hold your tire firmly in place even when you’re using a wheel spacer. It can hold a wheel adapter in place so you can run the tires you want on your rig. If your lug nuts are weak, your mods become a threat to your off road performance and your safety. Make sure you invest in the best lug nuts.

These four modifications will improve your off road performance. The right lug nuts will keep everything stable so your parts perform to the best of their abilities. Good brakes will keep you safe and give you more control. Wheel spacers and tire modifications give you that extra edge that keeps you competitive.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Does the Number of Lug Nuts Really Matter

You might have noticed that larger vehicles have more lug nuts than smaller ones. Take a look at a large 18-wheeler truck and compare its wheels to those of a normal sedan. Where the latter has about five small lug nuts, the former has six or more. Lug nuts are used to hold your wheel on your vehicle securely and safely. However, does the number of lug nuts you have on each wheel truly matter? Can you drive your car with only four of the five nuts if one breaks off? The answers to these and more are below.

Understand Why Lug Nuts Exist

Lug nuts aren’t just there for fun. These little parts of your car are among the most important. Without lug nuts to hold them in place, your wheels would just slide off the moment you started moving. These nuts come under extreme amounts of stress because of their position and purpose. Because heavier vehicles place heavy loads on their lug nuts and studs, they need more of them on their wheels.

A Missing Lug Nut Causes Wear

Car manufacturers design lug nuts to handle a very specific load. This load is designed to be distributed evenly across each lug nut in the wheels, without any changes. If you drive without one or some of the nuts in your wheels, you’re forcing that load to be distributed across the remaining nuts. This forces them to work much harder than they were ever meant to. Over time, the remaining nuts and studs start to show signs of wear and tear. You can drive for a few days without one lug nut, but you should inspect your axles and studs when you replace the missing lug nuts.

Your Wheel Hubs Need All the Lug Nuts

When lug nuts are missing on one of your wheels, the wheel hub starts to feel the imbalance in pressure. The instability of the wheel hub results in more pressure being applied to the bearings of the wheel with the missing lug nut. This causes the bearings to wear down faster over time. If you haven’t done so already, know that the repair of your wheel bearings can be a pretty expensive task. Driving with less than the adequate number of lug nuts for your car can be very costly indeed.

Vehicles Need Lug Nuts for Stability

Among the many dangers of driving without all your lug nuts is the tendency of your car to start wobbling like a roller coaster ride. The pressure on your wheels is meant to be evenly distributed across all four wheels and their lug nuts. With one missing, your pressure doesn’t get distributed evenly, especially when you’re turning, braking, and acceleration. In time, the added pressure and vibrations can cause your other nuts to shake themselves loose. In some instances, your lug studs could snap off due to the pressure. The bolt holes on your wheels could elongate too. When any of this happens, your wheel could fall off, resulting in a crash.

Are you currently missing one of your lug nuts? There is no excuse for driving without one. You need to replace any missing lug nuts as soon as you can. While you’re waiting for one, drive extremely cautiously. Keep your speed low, accelerate and brake slowly, and take corners less aggressively. Any missing lug nuts can result in instability, broken studs, worn bearings, and worn lug nuts. If you don’t know how many lug nuts you have, check on them now and remember to check regularly for missing nuts if you don’t have an indicator.