Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why People Choose Spline Drive Lug Nuts?

Photo by Steven Striegel on Unsplash

Lug nuts are an essential component of everyone’s wheels. They keep your ride running smoothly, and keep your tires secure for milesBecause of this, it's important to choose the best lug nuts available. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which lug nut is the best fit. Spline drive lugs nuts are the no-compromise designed choice to keep your tires not only secure but styling. Here are some reasons why people choose spline drive lug nuts.

Stud Engagement

Stud engagement is a critical role of lug nuts, especially the exterior engagement. The exterior engagement of the spline drive lug nuts allows for a deeper stud engagement. Most traditional lug nuts use almost half of their length for tool engagement. With spline drive lug nuts, there is no compromise between exterior and tool engagements.

Superior Design

When it comes to spline drive lug nuts, there is no competition. Spline drive lug nuts closed-end design is superior over traditional ones. They are equipped with a precise fit and efficient drive angle to provide great contact. In turn, this greater contact gives your vehicle better torque power. Spline drive lug nuts also feature a slim design which allows them to fit small diameter lug nuts often found on aftermarket wheels. The spline drive design is what makes it one of the safest lug nuts on the market.

Larger Seating Surface

The spline drive lug nuts also offer a larger seating surface than other lug nuts. In fact, they provide almost 30% more seating surface areas. As a result of the larger seating surface, the spine drive lug nuts also create better torque characteristics. Best of all, by creating better torque characteristics, you are creating a better wheel.

By choosing spline drive lug nuts, you are doing more than just keeping your wheels on. Spline drives provide you with a better overall lug nut design. This way you are getting the most out of your lug nuts. At EZ Accessory, we provide spline drive lug nuts and more. We know how important lug nuts are to your ride, which is why we only provide the best. To check out our selection of lug nuts and other accessories, contact us today at 1-800-505-8758.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why the Lug Nut is the Most Important Part of the Wheel

Photo by Dawid ZawiƂa on Unsplash

If there is one part of the wheel that holds more importance over the rest, it is the lug nut. Surprisingly, extensive knowledge of the lug nut is required in order to accurately handle them and work with them. Even though they are small, they are considered a critical component of the wheels on your vehicle. Imagine what could happen if your lug nuts weren't correctly placed. Let's take a look at some reasons why the lug nut is the most critical part of the wheel.

What Is a Lug Nut

Essentially, lug nuts work like fastener to secure your wheels onto your vehicle. Obviously, this means they are found on all types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and any other large vehicle that uses rubber tires. Interestingly, there are only four standard variations of the lug nut. These include cone seat, bulge cone seat, under hubcap, and spline drive. The type of lug nut depends on the look and wheel type. Lug nuts are small in comparison to the whole vehicle, but play a crucial role in how the vehicle functions.

Critical Component to the Wheel

Lug nuts are not just there to look good. In fact, without lug nuts, your car wouldn’t make it very far, because of the vital role they play in the way a wheel works. Without your lug nuts, your wheels would literally fall off. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "wheels off."  Lug nuts are the key to keeping your wheels on your vehicle.

Lug Nuts Keep You Safe

When lug nuts are applied properly, they keep you and your vehicle safe while on the road. However, faulty lug nuts can leave your wheels popping off and your vehicle on the side of the highway. Sometimes lug nuts become loose, which means that your wheels are becoming loosened from your vehicle. This is why proper use of lug nuts makes the difference when it comes to your safety on the road. Lug nuts keep you safe by ensuring that you get from point A to point B without your wheels failing on you.

Lug nuts may be small, but they pack a whole lot of importance to your wheels. They not only are a critical component to how the wheel is fastened to your vehicle, but they also keep you safe. Lug nuts can make the difference between you cruising down the highway worry free and sitting on the side of the road with missing tires. Don’t let your lug nuts wear out on you, check out lug nuts at EZ Accessory.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pros and Cons of Tuner Lug Nuts

Photo by John Volante on Unsplash

Tuner lug nuts are fasteners specifically used to secure a wheel to your vehicle. This means that lug nuts are found on automobiles, trucks, and other large vehicles that utilize rubber tires. Tuner lug nuts are an essential part of your vehicle. Here are the pros and cons of tuner lug nuts.

Different Designs

Lug nuts come in four standard types: cone seat, bulge cone seat, under hubcap, and spline drive. These models are made to match specific mounting holes and fit different types of rims. The variety of options available for tuner lug nuts designs is an advantage.

Know the Basics

Tuner lug nuts come in a variety of types and sizes. Some of these lug nuts are very similar, but this does not mean that they are interchangeable. While it's beneficial that tuner lug nuts have such a wide variety, it does bring some disadvantages. If you don't use the right lug nut or put it on incorrectly, you could put yourself at risk of getting in a deadly accident. This is why it is so important to know the basics about how to properly torque the lugs will help ensure that no accidents happen. When lugs are improperly put on a wheel, it can cause some dangerous situations. Failing to follow proper lug nut procedures can put you at risk or even cost your life.

Open versus Closed

Tuner lug nuts come in either open or close-ended. Whether the lug nut is open or closed refers to whether the stud can stick out of the tuner lug nut when it is tightened down or not. There are both pros and cons to open-ended and closed lug nuts. Open-ended lug nuts can be used with extended lug nuts, which is an advantage. However, extended lug studs are far more prone to corrosion, which is a disadvantage. Close-ended lug nuts don’t work with extended studs, but they aren’t as susceptible to corrosion. Whether you choose open or close-ended lug nuts depends on the look you want to achieve.

Lug nuts may not seem important, but they are what keep your wheels on your car. Tuner lug nuts bring some advantages and disadvantages. While they come in a variety of designs, types, and sizes, they can be dangerous if applied improperly. At EZ Accessory, we offer a wide variety of tuner lug nuts to fit any tire. We know that choosing the right lug nut is important, that’s why we answer any questions in order to find the right fit. If you have further questions on tuner lug nuts or any other auto accessory, contact us at 1-800-505-8758 or visit our site.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Why Spiked Lug Nuts Rule the Road

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Spiked lug nuts are a growing trend among owners of large vehicles such as trucks, tractors and even semi-trucks. Lug nuts are designed to give your vehicle a unique look that attracts attention anywhere you go. While plastic is a common material for some lug nuts, more quality spiked lug nuts are made of steel or sometimes even aluminum. Let’s take a quick look at some reasons why spiked lug nuts rule the road.  

Types of Spiked Lug Nuts

Spiked lug nuts are designed to bring a unique, cool look to your vehicle. For this reason, they come in two slick finish options: chrome or a coated black finish. The use of these two colors makes it easier to match them with almost any vehicle coloring. The type of finish you choose just depends on the look you want to achieve with your spiked lug nuts.

Lug Nut Patterns

Aftermarket wheels have a wide range of lug patterns, which means that drivers want accessories that complement them. Spiked lug nuts come in a wide variety of sizes to make fittings an ease, especially on trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. They are also available in the most popular thread sizes to ensure the perfect fit on any wheel on the market.

Legality of Spiked Lug Nuts

One of the most frequently asked questions about spiked lug nuts regards their legality. Are spiked lug nuts even legal? While spike lug nuts look aggressive to some, many people like the look that they give their vehicles. Just remember that metal lug nuts can do some damage to others when not used properly. If you choose to accessorize your vehicle with metal lug nuts, it’s important that you use them properly and keep others on the road safe.

Spiked lug nuts rule the road, which is no surprise. They come in either chrome or black to look aesthetically pleasing on anyone’s vehicle. They also come in a wide variety of sizes to guarantee the perfect fit. When it comes to accessorizing your vehicle, look no further than EZ Accessory. We provide quality vehicle accessories, including metal spiked lug nuts, to give your vehicle the look you want. To check out our lug nuts and more, visit our website.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Why You Should Upgrade Your ATV's Wheel Spacers at the End of the Summer

Photo by Koen van Ginkel on Unsplash

When the days get shorter, it’s time to bid farewell to summer ATV sports. As you prepare your ATV for the long wait until spring, look into upgrading your ATV wheel spacers. You want to start next year off fresh!

Assess the Damage After a Full Season of Wear

After a full season, your ATV wheel spacers will be showing the signs of wear and tear. The end of summer is the best time to address these flaws. As you’re getting ready to pack your ATV up for the season, take the time to assess its needs. Look for warping and wearing along the spacer. Test to see if every bolt is tight. Reflect on the amount of maintenance you had to do during the season. If you’re not happy with the wear pattern, this is the time to upgrade your ATV wheel spacers. You know how your current pair worked. Can you run with the same model, or do you need something a little tougher? The end of the season is the time to see the cumulative effects of riding hard all summer long.

Don’t Start With a Bad Set of Spacers

You don’t want to start the season on old ATV wheel spacers. When you break out your ATV at the start of next season, you’re going to want to hit the trail right away. Putting in the time to do a detailed check of your machine is going to require patience that most people don’t want to spend. Just a quick check to make sure nothing happened to it since you put it away, and you’re ready to hit the road!

Starting the season with a bad set of spacers is an affront to the true joy of ATV wheel spacers. Your machine won’t be handling at peak performance. You may not even realize it at first, but it absolutely can get better. Set your expectations high by having new, well-fitted ATV wheel spacers installed before you hit the road.

Every Year Gets Better

ATV wheel spacers are still being improved upon. As you grow more skillful in your handling of the machine, you notice the difference between spacers more. A beginner driver won’t be able to feel the difference between spacers that are okay and spacers that are great. A seasoned driver can make the most of the finest tools. The longer you own your ATV, the more comfortable you become behind the wheel and in the garage. Put your new experience to use at the end of summer by selecting the wheel spacers that are going to serve you well next year.

Fresh spacers are the best solution to your ATV’s needs. Getting spacers that can keep up with you is key to enjoying your sport. As you get to be a better driver, you’ll get more out of the fresh new spacers you installed.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Three Signs You're Ready to Invest in Custom Wheel Adapters

Custom wheel adapters are a beautiful tool when it comes to customizing your car. However, they’re not for someone who’s just starting out. Investing in custom wheel adapters is a great way to take control of your vehicle and amp it to the next level.How do you know if you're ready to invest in custom wheel adapters, though? You need to ask yourself a few questions first. Have kept a set of adapters in good condition? Do you even know what you’re looking for in custom wheel adapters? Lastly, have you done your homework on how to procure your adapters? Once you answer these questions, you'll know if you're ready to the next step.

1. You’ve Kept One Set of Adapters for Over Six Months

You don’t want to drop cash on custom wheel adapters until you know that you can take care of them. Wear and tear can be tough on wheel adapters. Custom wheel adapters should be the prize you win after you learn from your mistakes with regular wheel adapters. So, what's the trick to keeping your adapters in top condition? Simply check on them regularly. For example, fix slight signs of wear and tear when you balance or rotate your adapters, or when you change the brand of tire you use. You’ll never take those steps if you don’t know that damage is occurring. Keep checking your wheel adapters regularly and they’ll pay off big time.

2. You Know Exactly What You’re Looking For

Custom wheel adapters make great sense when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the main market. They're also the best way to get the exact effect you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what you’re going for, examine more of the options on the market. The various combinations of wheel adapters, tires, and spacers can give you a variety of handling options without having to custom order anything. Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s easier to create the custom wheel adapters that will make your machine run like never before.

3. You’ve Done Your Homework

You don’t want to have custom wheel adapters made until you know that you’re getting it from the right manufacturer. Do your homework on the kind of adapters you want and the kind of adapters that work for your vehicle. When you’re going with custom adapter, you need to weigh the pros and cons. While billet aluminum is stronger than cast aluminum, it can be more expensive. Also, it's often heavier. Is what what you want? Once you’ve done your homework and weighed your pros and cons, you’re ready for custom wheel adapters.

Custom wheel adapters are perfect, but only when you’re ready. Do your homework and learn how to get what you want from the materials. If you can keep your adapters in good condition, you’re ready to invest in something more permanent: custom wheel adapters.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Hub Centric Adapters 101

Photo by Vlad Grebenyev on Unsplash

Hub centric adapters are one of two common adapter set ups. They’re the standard, and as such, sometimes overlooked. They’re actually very useful, powerful tools that help you get the stance and the hardware you want onto your vehicle.

Standard Adapter Placement

Hub centric adapters are the most common adapters on the market. They’re essentially the standard for wheel adapters. The other common model is lug centered. Hub centric adapters are built around the hub of the wheel. That’s what they push against the most, passing most of the torque of the axle through to the hub. In a lug centric design, this torque is absorbed by the lug nuts themselves. While this can work, it’s not as safe. Lug nuts are smaller, easier to break or damage metal pieces. The hub as a whole is strong. When you know you’re going to be using hub centric adapters, you can ensure it’s standard ahead of time. Even still, check your adapters, hubs, and tires frequently (every 100-150 miles) to be sure everything’s working as it should. When properly installed, this should be a two-minute check and not a burden.

Why Use an Adapter Over a Spacer

One question people have is why choose hub centric adapters over wheel spacers. If you just want offset wheels, go ahead and just get a simple spacer. They work well, and don’t add as much pressure to your tires. Adapters are essential when you need to change the lug bolt pattern of your tires. Each manufacturer, and sometimes each model, as a pattern of lug bolts. This pattern only fits with certain tires, hub caps, etc. This is a way for hardware to stay distinct, and can also be part of a branding attempt. Wheel adapters are hacking the system. Find the right wheel adapter, and you can use whatever tire, hub cap, etc., that you would like on your vehicle.

In addition to being an adapter, a hub centric adapter also works like a spacer. They widen the stance of the vehicle and allow you to offset your tires. Offset tires can result in better handling, increased torque, and a smoother ride over uneven ground. They also just look cool--the more the tire sticks out, the more aggressive and dynamic the vehicle looks. Even when it’s standing still.

Hub centric adapters are a safer alternative to lug centric adapters. They allow you to change your car’s hubcaps and tires to fit your preference. They also act as a spacer, giving you the perks of both worlds.