Sunday, October 13, 2013

Acorn Lock Nuts

“With great power comes great responsibility” is a apt quote describing just what a lock nut, or lug nut, is required to do. For such a small part, acorn nuts have great responsibility. They must hold their tension strength while keeping a wheel securely fit and locked to the axle hub. Lock nuts that look great, are resistant to corrosion, precisely crafted and stop theft provide the ultimate automotive component, and this describes Acorn Lock Nuts—a wheel locking nut that outperforms its competitors.

Acorn wheel locks, or locking acorn nuts, are designed to fit any truck, car or ATV. They easily replace stock nuts suited for alloy wheels (mags), steel wheels, aluminum, dual axles, sports and racing models. Whether you have Cragar SS standard wheels, ET, bullet, extra large or short mag wheels, there is a Acorn Lock Nut designed to fit your vehicle’s wheel style and size. Acorn Lock Nuts are specialty designed with tapered seating that provides full contact and even torque distribution, without stretching or warping under pressure. The precision seating allows for maximum strength and hold over rough terrain or during maximum turning stress in racing conditions.


Acorn Lock Nuts are crafted from the highest quality billet aluminum, offering maximum strength at an incredibly low weight. They are specialty treated with a variety of corrosion-resistant colors, including gold, black, silver, red and blue; designed to coordinate with the latest trends in powder-coated wheels on the market today. Acorn lugs are available for 4-lug to 8-lug configurations, ranging in diameter sizes that include 7/16, 12 millimeter, ½, 14 millimeter and 9/16-inch stud sizes. An easily accessible wheel chart is provided to locate the precise locking nut for any foreign or domestic vehicle from small compacts to heavy duty truck applications.


Along with the high performance and aesthetic appeal of Acorn Lock Nuts, comes a unique security feature to prevent any premature loosening or theft. They come with an easy-to-follow installation kit, covering bolt pattern sequence tightening and torque specifications. Each Acorn Lock Nut comes with a personalized, individually crafted security key that prevents theft of expensive rims and tires. The security key is foolproof, making them impossible to extract without the proper key. A free valve stem set is also included for customized applications.

What more could you ask for from a locking lug nut that looks beautiful, delivers high performance, is built to last and prevents theft? Acorn locking nuts are the perfect way to keep your wheels looking great, performing at their best, and secured.

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