Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Lug to 8 Lug Bolt Pattern Adapters

Owners of light truck models such as the Nissan Titan, Chevy Colorado, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Dakota and Toyota Tacoma; find themselves sometimes limited by their tires and wheels. After all, being able to tow large loads, handle heavy loads in the bed and being able to effectively drive in muddy or snowy conditions is affected by the tires you’re using. The stock tires on these models might be more rugged than the typical car’s tires, but they are not designed for such extreme conditions. Owners of these trucks know that larger, heavy duty tires will allow their trucks to better handle large loads and rough terrain, but most heavy-duty truck wheels are designed for an 8 lug pattern which is more common on larger trucks such as the Ford Super Duty.

A 6 lug to 8 lug adapter is the perfect solution for light truck owners looking to use heavy-duty tires with their vehicles. These adapters convert the 6 bolt pattern featured on the wheel to the 8 bolt pattern required of most wheels designed for heavy-duty trucks. This two-piece adapter works with one part attaching to the six bolts on the axle; and the second part attaches to that, creating the eight bolt pattern.

At EZAccessory, our 6 lug to 8 lug adapters for Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge and Nissan models are designed to withstand the conditions which trucks work in. Made from 6061 billet material and CNC machinery; these adapters are thoroughly tested and designed to handle even the toughest driving conditions. Installation is a breeze – read our guide here

Light truck owners know that even the toughest suspension parts, shocks, and the most powerful engine doesn’t help if they don’t have the rubber on the ground needed to handle that power and effectively carry loads and cut through rough terrain. With these wheel adapters, truck owners can install serious, heavy-duty wheels with a larger rim, thicker rubber and greater grip, allowing them to get the most from their truck and tackle any task or terrain.

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