Monday, January 27, 2014

Control Arm Replacement Kit for Ford Explorer, Ranger and more!

Over time control arms wear out from repeated use – or, they may need replacement due to an accident. High quality control arms are critical to providing control and precision steering. It’s even more important to choose a quality control arm when working with an SUV or truck, as the increased weight of the vehicle can put pressure on the control arm.

At EZAccessory, our Control Arm Ball Joint Suspension 8 Piece Set has everything you need to create a smoother ride in your SUV or truck. This set includes ball joints, tie rods and upper control arms – everything you need to perform a control arm replacement. 

Without the right chassis and suspension, the strongest horsepower in the world means nothing. Make sure the suspension in your SUV is top notch. New suspension components provide the following benefits:
  • Keep the Tires on the Road Surface. Commonly referred to as “Road Holding.” By maximizing friction between the road and the tires, the suspension keeps weight centered and avoids wear and tear on the car’s framework.
  • Stable Steering and Handling. Keeps the body of the car from tipping or rolling in a corner or on sharp turns. The car’s suspension parts directly connect to the steering column and effect the driver’s handling ability.
  • Passenger Comfort. Keeps the inside of the car’s cabin isolated from any bumps or divots in the road, creating a smoother ride for all passengers.
Suspension parts are critical to controlling your vehicle – providing both everyday comfort as well as precision on the road to avoid accidents. The H1129-8 Control Arm Set is designed for Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger and other Ford/Mercury/Mazda vehicles. The Explorer and Ranger are still popular vehicles today, with thousands still on the roads – our control arm kit allows owners of these vehicles precision steering, allowing them to enjoy better performance and a longer life out of their Explorer, Ranger, or other Ford-chassis model.

The Control Arm Ball Joint Suspension 8 Piece Set Includes:

-    Lower Ball Joints (2)
-    Upper Control Arm Right with Ball Joint without Bushing (1)
-    Upper Control Arm Left with Bushings and Ball Joint (1)
-    Outer Tie Rod End (2)
-    Inner Tie Rod End with the Right Upper Control Arm (2)

This control arm kit is designed for use with the following models:

-    1995-2005 - Ford – Explorer
-    2001-2005 - Ford - Explorer Sport Trac
-    1998-2011 - Ford  Ranger (front torsion bar type)
-    1999 - Mazda - B2500
-    1998-2001 Mazda - B3000
-    1998-2001 Mazda - B4000
-    1997-2005  Mercury – Mountaineer

Ride with increased control, comfort and overall stability with EZAccessory’s Suspension Parts. Now offering Same Day Shipping for orders placed before 2PM (pst).

Friday, January 17, 2014

Custom Wheel Adapter and Spacer Fabrication Services

Wheel adapters are typically associated with cars and trucks, but many other vehicles often require a wheel pattern conversion. For example, off-roading vehicles such as single seat ATVs, side-by-side ATVs, dune buggies, rock crawlers, tractors and more may benefit from adjustments in the tire and wheel configuration, only to be held back but wheel pattern incompatibility.

In addition to standard or custom wheel adapters for cars and trucks; we can fabricate unusual pattern conversions or custom jobs out of high quality extruded and heat treated 6061 billet material for superior performance and hardness while adhering to your exact specifications. Our industry-leading quality and attention to detail sets us far above the rest. We create custom fabricated wheel adapters for a wide range of vehicles – it if uses a wheel, we can build an adapter to fit it.

A common request that we have seen lately has been the fabrication of 4 to 4 lug adapters for customized off-roading vehicles – particularly ATVs. If you are looking to move to the increasingly popular 110 bolt pattern from the standard 156 pattern, we are here to help.

The new and exciting wheel options available for the ATV market have led to a renewed interest in equipping your vehicle to handle any terrain with ease. ATVs are being used more for towing and transporting loads through rough terrain, which sometimes requires specialty wheels – and the options for adapters and wheel spacers are sparse.

At EZAccessory, our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and meet your specialty needs. You can specify the make and model of your vehicle, thickness, thread studs, bolt pattern, and wheel size in order to properly enable your vehicle – car, truck, specialty off-road, or anything else - to accept nearly any wheel and tire configuration. Our representatives are available to guide you through the process of assessing your adapter and spacer needs, no matter the type of vehicle or wheel. Use the wheels you want on your off-road vehicle today with EZAccessory!