Friday, September 30, 2016

Five Benefits of Wheel Adapters

If you are looking to customize your tires, don’t forget the importance that wheel adapters play in wheel pattern compatibility. Wheel adapters are easy to use attachments that change the bolt pattern and number for a hub. This aftermarket customization process allows for customization beyond the options offered by the manufacturer. There are many reasons to employ wheel adapters, and five commonly cited benefits of doing so.

Photo by Climate KIC on Unsplash

1. Two for the price of one

Wheel adapters also act as spacers when bolted to the car. While they adapt your car’s axle to the tire bolt-pattern of a different tire, they also add space along the axle. This increases the clearance so your car can roll smoothly. Without the additional space, a taller or wider tire would rub against the standard components of your vehicle. It’s much easier to use a spacer than the adjust the other hardware on your vehicle. 

2. You can pick the right tire first

There are plenty of reasons to choose a specific tire. Many people who get into car customization start with picking a tire that can deliver the ride that they want. Unfortunately, tires aren’t universal. Without a standardized bolt spacing and pattern, not every car can use every tire. Wheel adapters allow you to select the right tire for what you want in mind first. You can choose based on looks, handling, or durability and then use a wheel adapter to make it fit the car you have.

3. More “aggressive” look

This is just a trick of the eye, but it can really make your car “pop” when you’re on the road. Wheel adapters move your tires farther out. There are rumors that car manufacturers like Porsche use it in their commercials. The tires are further out, the car zooms close to the camera, and it looks like it’s going even faster. 

Whether or not car companies do this, it does lend your car a certain visual appeal. For someone playing up a muscle car or sports car, this extra pop can help make your car the envy of your buddies. Picking up a wheel adapter so you can run high performance tires with an aggressive look is not uncommon.

4. Safety still comes first

When properly installed, bolting your wheel to a wheel adapter is as safe as bolting it to the axle. Billet aluminum spacers are as strong or stronger than the axle that they bolt to. As long as you’re using the proper bolts on both the tire and the axle you won’t have any problems.

5. Improved off-road handling

The wide stance of the vehicle improves the handling automatically. This is a great way to get the best vehicle performance for cars that you want to take off-road. Trucks sporting wheel adapters also handle a little better on the streets, though you can’t really cut loose driving through town. 

Wheel adapters enhance the performance and appearance of the vehicles they’re attached to. You don’t have to risk safety in order to customize your car. Whether you’re just getting into cars or you’re practically a mechanic, wheel adapters are a great investment.