Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Top Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Tires in 2017

Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash

Are your tires bumpy, lumpy, or flat? Are your treads losing their grip? You could just replace your old tires and worn lug nuts, or you could upgrade. There are many good reasons to upgrade to aftermarket tires this year.  Let's look at five of them now.

1. Be ready for anything

Upgrading your tires can give you better handling in the fast lane. This is especially important around the change in the seasons. Your tires have to be able to handle rain, sleet, snow, and other obstacles along your path. When you upgrade your tires you put more control, and therefore more safety, into your own hands.

2. Boost off road performance

While being able to handle everything that the road throws at you is essential, off road performance is another great reason to upgrade your tires. If you want to be able to handle your vehicle equally well on a gravel road, pavement, or a mud flat, you have to have the kind of tires that are up to the job. You’re not just going to be able to roll off the dealership lot and out into the wilds without some upgrades.

3. Test out after market upgrades

Upgrading your tires is a simple, easy way to see if aftermarket upgrades are right for you. Some people like the idea of an upgraded, customized ride, but find the actual process of upgrading it isn’t as cool as they thought. Instead of spending your savings on a slew of aftermarket upgrades all at once, start small. By upgrading your tires and lug nuts, you can test out the idea of aftermarket upgrades for your entire car.

4. Smoother ride

Upgrading your tires to a larger size can smooth out your ride. The larger the surface area the less you’re going to feel every bump and dip in the road. If you’re always complaining that nobody is doing anything about the cracks and potholes in the road, this is an option. If you’d just like to complete the luxury feeling of your luxury vehicle, these tires will help. What’s the point of a leather interior with permanent “new car smell” if you don’t enjoy the ride?

5. You have to replace them anyway

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to replace your tires. Your lug nuts are going to wear out. You’re going to lose your treads. Your tires will sustain damage, get less springy, and so on. When you upgrade your tires in 2017, you can choose to get ahead of the tire damage. You don’t have to wait for one of your tires to go flat for you to replace it. Before your tires need replacing, choose your upgraded tires and any additional features. By doing this, you also control when and how you upgrade your tires.

Sooner or later your old tires are going to have to be replaced. You could wait for disaster to strike, or you could upgrade your tires and lug nuts beforehand. It’s a great way to find out if vehicle modification is a good hobby for you, and it can make your ride smooth as silk.

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