Monday, June 26, 2017

Five Reasons to Buy Spike Lug Nuts

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Your car or truck says a lot about you. That's why you spend time and money to make sure it looks its best. Every inch of your vehicle is important, even the lug nuts. Perhaps you've been considering something more edgy or aggressive but are worried about price or availability. Spike lug nuts are the accessory your tires need.


Spike lug nuts are not a one-vehicle fad. They work perfectly well for anything with wheels. You can add them to your truck, use them for an ATV, or even put some on the family minivan. Unlike so many other upgrades, spike lug nuts let you use them wherever you want them.


If you want your vehicle to look good, but you’re on a budget, spike lug nuts are the upgrade for you. Spike lug nuts aren’t much more expensive than regular lug nuts, and they’re vastly cheaper than most other aesthetic upgrades. They improve the overall look of your wheels without a pricey investment in easily-scratched rims.


Since so much of vehicle and driving regulations fall under state jurisdiction, it’s easy to get confused about what’s legal and where. When you look into county, township, and city regulations, you’ll face even more restrictions. These codes may prevent you from getting the undercarriage lights you want or the top notch sound system you planned for. Window tinting is a big issue in most states, and dark windows will get you pulled over faster than you can blink. Spike lug nuts are legal everywhere. They look tough, but they aren’t a hazard. They also won’t start a war with your neighbors.


There are plenty of really clever and interesting aesthetic upgrades you can purchase for your vehicle, but many come with a catch. Lights catch the eye, whether they’re built into your undercarriage or added to your windows, these features drain the life from your battery. If you don’t have a newer car with a reasonably fresh, strong battery, you might have to get comfortable with jumper cables. Other aesthetic upgrades create further risks. For example, spinning rims look great, but you have to put a lot of faith into both your driving skills and the manufacturer. Even a slight bump with a curb could potentially snap off or damage the spinning components. Spike lug nuts may look fierce, but they aren’t actually sharp in reality, and they’re also shorter than they look. Even if they were to come into contact with a cement curb, the worst case scenario would simply involve a replacement lug nut or two. This would take some serious vehicular contortion, though.

Spike Lug Nuts Look Great

Spike lug nuts are built for looks. They work as well as any traditional lug nut, but the design is more modern. By swapping flat lug nuts for spikes, you make a simple change that does a lot to improve the look of your vehicle. It isn’t a big change, but the best upgrades don’t have to be.

When you’re looking for a safe, legal, and an affordable way to improve any vehicle with wheels, check out spike lug nuts. These little upgrades are as sensible as they are eye-catching. They won’t get you pulled over, but they’ll draw plenty of looks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Four Reasons to Buy a Whole Suspension Set at Once

Photo by Vlad Sorodoc on Unsplash

Repairs may feel like an endless cycle, but there’s a way to put the carousel in and out of the mechanic’s on hold. By replacing your entire suspension set at a single time, you can save a lot of the time and funding you would have to spend on individual repairs. There are a lot of benefits to this practice, and we outline four of them in more detail below.

No Guessing Games
A big challenge for any vehicle owner is guessing what part of a system is creating a problem. Unless you have the tools to lift and essentially disassemble your car, you won’t be able to easily target the specific part that is causing problems. If you repair your car piece by piece, every repair will be a scavenger hunt. Since those pieces are all different ages, you’ll get to enjoy a lot more of those scavenger hunts, too. Replacing your suspension set all at once means fewer trips to the mechanic, or at least fewer days stuck under your car in the 

Fine Tune Together
Of all the parts and systems that go into your car, few are so delicate and difficult to tune as your suspension. This work is tedious, time consuming, and easy to mess up. All it takes is one good pot hole to require fresh adjustments. Older and newer parts trying to work in harmony can throw your suspension out of alignment, too. Installing your suspension piecemeal makes tuning more difficult and increases the need for regular checkups. If you fine tune your entire, fresh system in one sweep, you can rest assured that it’s truly performing as well as it can.

Your Wheels Will Thank You
Your wheels depend on good suspension. Breaks or strains on your suspension system put extra stress on your tires and throws your wheels out of alignment. Tires are expensive. Buying extras when you don’t have to is a waste of money. Making sure your tires don’t wear down prematurely is also a safety concern. If you have an old suspension set, and you plan on going on a trip, replacing the set in full could prevent the extra wear and tear that leads to flat tires.

All of these points add up to the most important point of all: spending less. While you might be willing to sink some extra funds into your car to give it the power and style you need, there’s no point paying for extra repairs and parts that could be avoided. A full suspension set puts your vehicle in better standing for a longer period of time, which allows you to save up for the things you actually want.

Replacing your full suspension set can make your car feel like an entirely new ride. It limits damage to other systems in the near future as well. Although it requires a larger initial payout, you’ll save more and drive safer for a longer time with a full new suspension set.