Monday, July 24, 2017

The Basics of Wheel Adapter Safety

Photo by Raban Haaijk on Unsplash

Whenever you customize something on your car, you have to think about safety. As much as you want it to look great and handle well, safety has to take priority. Wheel adapters can give you amazing handling with killer looks. With a little research and investment, they can be as safe as anything else on your car. Start with learning what you need.

Buy Nice or Buy Twice

Before diving into the specifics of what you should and shouldn’t buy, focus on quality. Focusing on price over quality can have dangerous consequences when you’re dealing with car parts. Strong, standard wheel adapters are safe. Poor quality adapters may pose an unnecessary risk to your car. When you’re looking into buying wheel adapters, don’t be tempted to take the cheaper way out. Quality is worth every penny.

Do Your Research

Knowledge is your first line of defense against accidents. Before you put wheel adapters on your car and take your new tires for a spin, visit some forums. Look online to find a good price on good quality adapters, and find out what adapter concerns exist (if any) for your vehicle. Some vehicles are more popular than others. It’s easier to find out how wheel adapters handle on your ATV than it is to find a specific make and model of car.

Learning from other people’s mistakes is always better than making your own. If there are any consistent issues with tire spacing, wheel well depth, or excessive wear and tear on wheel adapters, it’s better to know before you buy. Most problems can be compensated for as long as you know what you’re up against.

Check Frequently

Good quality wheel adapters that work with your vehicle can stay strong for months at a time. Getting into the habit of frequent checking is purely a defensive measure. If you get into the habit of checking your wheel adapters every month, you’re going to be able to tighten them before they get too loose. You can find problems before they get serious, ending any doubts about wheel adapter safety. Problems with loose bolts or worn adapters start as small issues. If you check in regularly, they won’t have the time to get serious before you catch them.

The basics of wheel adapter safety come down to you, the owner. You know when your vehicle is handling properly and when it is not. Couple that knowledge with research, a commitment to good quality wheel adapters, and frequent safety checks for peak performance.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Three Things to Consider Before Getting New Wheel Spacers

image by FireAngel -

New wheel spacers can be a thing of beauty. You’re taking control of your car. It handles better, as the wide set wheels let you take turns like you never have before. Everything is ticking along well, and you’re sure this is how you want your car to feel forever. However, all good things must come to an end. Even the best-made wheel spacers need to be replaced. Before you slap a new set on and go cruising the block, take a minute to ask yourself these questions.

1. Did Your Last Ones Wear Out Too Soon?

You should write down or mentally make a note of the date every time you change your wheel spacers. While wear and tear takes out every set eventually, you shouldn’t be moving through them too soon. Anything less than six months to a set is something to be concerned about. If you’re right on the cusp, talk to a mechanic (or a mechanically inclined friend) or take a look at it yourself. Wheel spacers tend to wear out too fast when they’re not properly fitted or installed. If they’re wearing out, it could be a sign that you’re putting too much pressure or tension on your axle or wheels.

2. Is it Time For a Car Check Up?

Even if your wheel spacers are holding up well, you should consider getting your car checked out when it finally wears through a set of wheel spacers. Some cars look absolutely awesome with a set of wheel spacers, but they’re not really made for it. If you’ve decided to make a luxury car even more awesome, you don’t want to ruin your investment by not checking on the axel and connectors. Just a quick checkup before you put on your new set of wheel spacers is enough to find problems before they turn into huge disasters.

3. Did Any New Options Hit the Market?

While the first two points have to do with safety and the health of your car, the last one is just for fun. Wheel spacers are a great aftermarket upgrade. New options, materials, and sizes are hitting the market all the time. If you truly want to perfect the look for your car, you’ll keep looking at the latest and greatest. You won’t always have an upgrade waiting, but you never know when the coolest set of wheel spacers you’ve ever seen is waiting for you.

Before you swap a pair of old wheel spacers for new ones, look to see what’s on the market. You may have a new option you haven’t thought of yet. Make sure your car is in good condition before hitting the road. If it’s been a short time since your last new wheel spacers, take it to a mechanic—they may not be properly fitted.