Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why People Choose Spline Drive Lug Nuts?

Photo by Steven Striegel on Unsplash

Lug nuts are an essential component of everyone’s wheels. They keep your ride running smoothly, and keep your tires secure for milesBecause of this, it's important to choose the best lug nuts available. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which lug nut is the best fit. Spline drive lugs nuts are the no-compromise designed choice to keep your tires not only secure but styling. Here are some reasons why people choose spline drive lug nuts.

Stud Engagement

Stud engagement is a critical role of lug nuts, especially the exterior engagement. The exterior engagement of the spline drive lug nuts allows for a deeper stud engagement. Most traditional lug nuts use almost half of their length for tool engagement. With spline drive lug nuts, there is no compromise between exterior and tool engagements.

Superior Design

When it comes to spline drive lug nuts, there is no competition. Spline drive lug nuts closed-end design is superior over traditional ones. They are equipped with a precise fit and efficient drive angle to provide great contact. In turn, this greater contact gives your vehicle better torque power. Spline drive lug nuts also feature a slim design which allows them to fit small diameter lug nuts often found on aftermarket wheels. The spline drive design is what makes it one of the safest lug nuts on the market.

Larger Seating Surface

The spline drive lug nuts also offer a larger seating surface than other lug nuts. In fact, they provide almost 30% more seating surface areas. As a result of the larger seating surface, the spine drive lug nuts also create better torque characteristics. Best of all, by creating better torque characteristics, you are creating a better wheel.

By choosing spline drive lug nuts, you are doing more than just keeping your wheels on. Spline drives provide you with a better overall lug nut design. This way you are getting the most out of your lug nuts. At EZ Accessory, we provide spline drive lug nuts and more. We know how important lug nuts are to your ride, which is why we only provide the best. To check out our selection of lug nuts and other accessories, contact us today at 1-800-505-8758.

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