Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why Choose Custom Wheel Adapters

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Wheel adapters allow you to install a wheel that normally would not fit onto your car. They help to provide more space in order for a larger or more unique tire to fit where your old standard wheel used to be. However, selecting the right one can be tricky.  

There are many variables that you have to consider before you even purchase a new wheel adapter. You must know specific information such as lug types and bolt patterns in order to ensure you are buying the right adapter. In some cases, you may find yourself unable to determine the correct wheel adapter. In these cases, you will want to choose a custom wheel adapter over a standard wheel adapter. Here are just a few reasons why you should go with a custom wheel adapter.

Ensure You Are Getting the Right Fit

You may go and buy a standard wheel adapter only to bring it home to install the adapter, and it doesn’t fit. This is an issue that a lot of people face when installing their first wheel adapter. If you want to skip the hassle of having to pick the right wheel adapter and run the risk of having to return the one you got over and over then a custom wheel adapter is the solution. When choosing a custom wheel adapter, you ensure that the fit is perfect for your car since the wheel adapter is made specially to fit the wheel you are installing.

 Unusual Pattern

Some cases you may start to look for the bolt pattern of your wheel only to find out no one sells it. This means you have an unusual bolt pattern and more than likely you will not be able to find a standard wheel adapter to fit. A custom wheel adapter can be made to fit any pattern whether it be a standard or unusual one.

Custom Wheels

If you are fixing up an old car or have a car that is not very common, you may run into the issue of having no standard wheel adapter to select from. Many unique cars also have unique and custom wheels. Because the wheel is less common, manufacturers do not make wheel adapters in bulk for them. The solution in this case again is to have custom wheel adapter made. Custom wheel adapters not only can have custom patterns, but you can have them made for custom wheels as well. 

Buying Custom Wheel Adapters

You may come to find that you need a custom wheel adapter for 1 or more of the reasons above. So, where do you even start to look for custom wheel adapters? Many manufacturers that sell standard wheel adapters also sell custom wheel adapters. In some cases, you will be able to buy a custom wheel adapter right from a manufacturer’s site. However, in some cases, you may need to contact the manufacturer to have a special wheel adapter made if you cannot find the one you are looking for.

At EZ Accessory we have a wide variety of custom wheel adapters you can select right from our site. If you find yourself still not finding what you are looking for, then contact us at 1-800-505-8758, and we can make any type of wheel adapter you need.

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