Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Are Wheel Adapters Safe?

Photo by LauraTara on Pixabay

When looking for a way to increase the appeal of your car, you may choose to alter something about the wheels.  For instance, you might decide to upgrade your wheels altogether. This could mean that you need to modify the way those new wheels attach to your vehicle.  Wheel adapters can help that application.

Quality Craftsmanship

 A key safety feature of wheel adapters is to make sure that the custom-made items are of the highest quality.  It is crucial that the craftsmanship is of the highest quality.  Some people feel that a factory manufacture piece of equipment is the safest route to go. It's vital that the material that is used to manufacture the adaptor is strong. These typically include aluminum, aircraft grade. The strength of the material it is constructed of is equally as important as the strength of the bonds used to construct the adapter.  Additionally, the precision of the craftsmanship adds to the strength.  Most often that strength and precision cannot only be found from the material it is constructed out of, but also in the way it is installed.


Installing wheel adapters needs to be handled with attention to detail. It is recommended that a trained mechanic install wheel adapters to your vehicle.  In the event you are looking for a do-it-yourself opportunity, make sure to do plenty of research.  There are videos available that, if followed carefully, can guide you to the proper installation techniques. An important step is to make sure you have the correct torque settings from the factory on the vehicle.  Using a professional can save a lot of time, but if you choose to do it yourself, make sure to do your research.


As with any alteration to a vehicle, make sure you find the right equipment.  Using the appropriate wheel adapter for your application is imperative to ensure a safe and secure fit.  Make sure you are aware if you need additional spacers.  It may be necessary to use specific equipment to make your vehicle look the best it can.

Wheel adapters can be used safely if a few simple rules are followed.  The material that the adapters are constructed of should be aircraft grade titanium.  Special care should be taken in the installation process, whether a mechanic completes the installation or you complete the research to do it yourself. Lastly, a knowledge of the appropriate equipment needed for the application is maybe the first and most important place to start.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Difference Between Wheel Spacers and Wheel Adapters

To someone who is not familiar with cars, you may think a wheel adapter and wheel spacer are the same things. However, these two items are very different when it comes to what they do. You should first know that every wheel adapter can be a wheel spacer, but a wheel spacer cannot be a wheel adapter. Let's look at some other difference between wheel adapters and spacers.

Wheel Spacer

A wheel spacer is designed to bring the distance from your wheel and cylinder out by as much as 1/4". Having your wheel brought out more than 1/4" is unsafe for your car.  Using a wheel space is done when you are keeping your current wheels while increasing the track of your car. When you increase the track of your car, it improves the overall handling and looks. If you decide to buy new tires while using wheel spacers, you should consult with a professional to ensure you are buying the correct wheel offset.

Wheel spacers have two common uses when increasing the track of your car.  The first is when your wheels do not have enough offset. A wheel spacer will compensate for too little offset by pushing the wheel farther away from the hub. The second case is to make a lug-centric wheel. A lug-centric wheel is one that centers by tightening the wheel's lugs rather than a hub-specific mount surface.

The bolting of your wheels will determine which of the two following items you will need. In some cases, wheels spacers will need longer studs for proper installation. You may come to find that your wheel studs are not easy to unscrew.  If you fall into this category, then you will need longer studs. The other case is needing longer wheels bolts for proper installation. Swapping out longer bolts is easy, but you need to make sure the thickness of the spacer is correct for installation.

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to wheel spacers. Wheel spacers add rotating and unsprung weight.  These two things together cause the absolute worse kind of acceleration, cornering, and riding.  Another drawback is the longer wheel studs or bolts. Having longer wheel studs or bolts your car is more prone to fatigue (snapping) than a regular length wheel stud or bolt.

 Wheel Adapter

Wheel adapters are typically one inch or larger and attached to the cylinder by way of lug nuts.  Using a wheel adapter changes the lug pattern, which allows you to use a wheel not made for your car. If the lug pattern does not change from the original, then the adapter pushes the distance of your wheels out by an inch or more. In most cases, car manufacturers leave space for flapping tire chains. Wheel adapters, however, push your existing wheels out more to fille the wheel-wells or your custom wide-body fenders properly. Installing wheel adapters gives your car better cornering, aerodynamics, and look.

Find the Perfect Wheel Adapter or Spacer Today!
While wheel adapters and wheel spacers have similarities, they are not always interchangeable. Hopefully, the information above has helped you understand the difference between a wheel spacer and adapter. If so, this means you are ready to make your purchase. Contact EZ Accessory today and find the perfect wheel adapter or spacer for your next car project.