Monday, June 18, 2018

EZ Accessory - What is a Lug Nut? 

You’ve likely heard of lug nuts, but what exactly are they? Knowing the right type and size of lug nut for your vehicle is important to ensure that your wheels are installed properly. Here are some lug nut basics as well as information on installing and removing lug nuts.

What is a Lug Nut?

A lug nut or bolt is used to fasten a wheel to a vehicle. Any large vehicle, including cars, trucks, and heavy machinery, typically has lug nuts. Lug nuts are usually made of steel, aluminum, or an alloy. One end of a lug nut is round while the other end is tapered. Lug nuts screw into a car’s wheel connecting it to its axle. This allows for the lug nut to secure the wheel to the car.

Lug nuts come in many different shapes and sizes. Each lug nut is different to match a car’s wheel mount specifications. Lug nuts typically come in four different types. These types are cone seat, bulge cone seat, under hub cap, and spline drive.

Removing a Lug Nut

A lug nut can be removed with a socket wrench, lug nut wrench, or air wrench tool. If a wheel has a hubcap, it should be removed first using a screwdriver. If you’re removing the whole wheel and not just a lug nut, the wheel should be stabilized. First, lift the wheel from the ground using a jack. Next, use blocks to make sure the wheel remains stationary. Finally, use your wrench to alternate loosening and tightening until the lug nut has been removed.

Installing a Lug Nut

When installing a lug nut, you must go in an alternating pattern. Most people prefer installing lug nuts in a star pattern. Installing lug nuts this way ensures that the wheel’s weight is evenly distributed across its surface. We recommend turning the lug nut by hand for the first ten or so turns. Doing this prevents any cross threading, allowing the screw to go in straight. Afterwards, a torque wrench is the wrench we recommend for installing lug nuts. Although, a lug wrench, socket wrench, or air wrench tool also would work well. Always make sure you’ve tightened a lug nut as much as you can. Loose lug nuts can cause damage to your wheel or cause it to fall off.

When working with lug nuts always be sure you are using the correct size and type of nut. The wrong lug nut will not fit properly or secure your wheel. If you do not feel comfortable installing or removing lug nuts on your own, always consult a trained professional. If you are looking for lug nuts or have questions about the right lug nuts for your vehicle, contact EZ Accessory at or 1-800-505-8758.

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