Monday, July 30, 2018

What Is a Valve Stem?

Your car's tires are crucial to your car's safety and how it performs and handles. Tires are made up of several elements that enable them to perform correctly. One of those elements is the valve stem. The valve stem is responsible for inflation and deflation. Without valve stems, your tires would not be able to have the right inflation levels. Installing a valve stem correctly will help maintain tire pressure and prolong the life of your tires. It is important to understand what the valve stem is and how it works so that you can tell when you might have a bad valve stem.

How Valve Stems Work

The main function of a valve stem is to maintain the right pressure in your tire. They do this using a combination of spring-loaded pin and the actual pressure inside the tire. When a pump head is placed on the spring it stops the air flow and inflates your tire. When the pump head is removed, the air flow comes out and your tire deflates. This allows you to maintain the pressure of your tires easily. All you have to do is place a tire gauge over the valve stem with the pump head off. The gauge will allow you to tell if the pressure in your tire is low or not. If your tire is losing inflation and there is no hole, then you may need a valve stem.

Types of Valves

Depending on the type of tire you have, the type of valve may differ. The tire valve is a small metal and wire tube that protrudes from the tire. The most common type is a Schrader valve. This type of valve is rubber with a metal tip which is threaded like a screw for the valve cap. Some high-end cars may have Presta valves. A Presta valve is made of metal and is thinner in diameter.

Types of Valves Stems

There are two different types of valve stems. The first is for tubeless tires. This type of valve stem is considered a separate element from the tire. Tubeless tire valve stems can wear independently of the tire. In some cases, replacing the valve stem is done separately. The second type is an inner tube valve. This type of valve stem is part of the inner tube and usually sticks out from the tire. No matter what type of valve stem you have, if taken care of properly, they should outlast the tire. However, it is recommended that the valve is replaced when the tire is.

Replace Your Valve Stem 

If you think your valve stem is not working correctly, you should not wait to replace it. Driving on a low or flat tire is not good for your car or the rim of your tire. You can take your car in to have the valve replaced. Or to save on money, you can install one yourself. To find the perfect valve stem at the best price choose EZ Accessories. Click here to see our selection.

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