Thursday, August 16, 2018

How Do I Know What Size Hubcap I Need?

Your hubcap has fallen off. You think it should be an easy fix. All you need to do is measure the wheel to determine the size of your hubcap. You start to shop around and find out that the sizes listed are not at all what you measured. Just like some other things when it comes to fixing your car, figuring out the hubcap size is not as easy as you think. You might even start thinking it would be easier to just go without a hubcap. So, why exactly do you need a hubcap, and how do you determine the right size?

What Is a Hubcap? 

A hubcap is a decorative disk on your car's wheel. This decorative disk covers at least the center portion of your wheel, which is referred to as the hub. The hubcap covers the wheel hub and wheel fasteners to reduce accumulation of dirt and oil. Hubcaps are the small covers at the center of the wheel, while the wheel cover is a decorative plastic or metal disk that snaps or bolts onto and covers the entire face of the wheel. If your car has alloy wheels or styled steel wheels, then you will need smaller hubcaps, usually called center caps.

Determining Hubcap Size 

Determining the hubcap size is not as easy as just pulling out a tape measure. However, if you know what to look for on your wheel, then it is easy to determine the right hubcap size. The hubcap size relates to the tire size of your car.  To determine the hubcap size, you will need to look on the side of your tires. On the side of your tires, you will find a series of numbers. This series of numbers should end in R14, R15, R16, etc. The end number tells you what size hubcap you need. For example, if the final number is R16, then you will need a size 16 hubcap.

Why You Need a Hubcap 

Just like any part of a car, the hubcap serves an important role. It is not just for decoration. As stated above, the hubcap covers the center of the wheel and keeps out dust and oil.  Depending on where you live, the road conditions could damage your wheels if you do not have a hubcap. If too much dirt, oil, and dust get into your wheels, then it affects the overall performance of your car.  Having a hubcap also ensures a longer life for your wheels. Dirt and oil can break down your wheels causing you to have to replace your wheels more frequently.

Replace Your Hubcaps

Hubcaps are an important part of your car. If you think you have one that needs to be replaced then don't waste time. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done. You now know how to determine the size of a hubcap so what is stopping you from getting a new one? If you are ready to extend the life of your wheels with a new hubcap then contact EZ Accessory. We have all the hubcap sizes that you need. Check out our hubcap selection here.

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