Thursday, August 30, 2018

Why Are Lug-centric and Hub-centric Fitment Important for Wheel Adapters?

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Are you considering adding bigger tires to your car? The best way to install bigger wheels to your car is using a wheel adapter. A wheel adapter fits over your car's holding bracket to add extra space between the wheel and wheel hub assembly. Before going and buying any old wheel adapter, you need to know if your car has hub-centric wheels or lug-centric wheels. Knowing the type of wheel is important and will help you determine what type of wheel adapter to buy.

Hub-centric Wheels 

Hub-centric wheels are the most accurately centered wheels. If you have hub-centric wheels, then the hub center bore of the wheel is a perfect fit to the car. Hub-centric fitment allows the wheels to be centered to the car's hub. Most original wheels are hub-centric because car manufacturers make specific wheels for each car.

Lug-centric Wheels 

You will find lug-centric wheels on aftermarket cars. Most new cars do not have lug-centric wheels. Lug-centric fitment is common on aftermarket cars because this gives tire manufactures the ability to make bigger hub bore diameters so the tire can fit a wider range of cars. A lug-centric wheel is centered on its mounting surface by the lug holes. The center bore is larger because a smaller center bore would not be safe.

How to Determine What Type You Have 

As stated above, you need to know if you have hub-centric or lug-centric wheels in order to pick out the correct wheel adapter. But, how do you know what one you have? The easiest and quickest way to figure out which design you have is to look at the hub and the wheel assembly. If you look and see that the hole in the center fits snug against the hub, then you have a hub-centric wheel. If there is a gap between the hole and the hub, then it is lug-centric.

Why the Wheel Design is Important 

Knowing the difference between hub-centric and lug-centric is important when it comes to wheel adapters because of balance. If you want a more well-balanced car and less stress on your overall car, then choosing hub-centric wheel adapters would be best. If you want a little more movement in your car, then hub-centric wheel adapters are what you want.

Buy Your Wheel Adapters

Before you go out and buy any old wheel adapter, you need to gather information on your current vehicle. This includes determining if your wheels are hub-centric or lug-centric.  Knowing this information will allow you to pick the perfect wheel adapter. If you are ready to add bigger tires to your car, then it is time to buy your wheel adapters. For the perfect wheel adapter, either hub-centric or lug-centric, contact EZ Accessory. Check out our options here.

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