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What Are the Different Types of Lug Nuts?

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You have probably heard of lug nuts or lug bolts before. But you may not be sure exactly what they do. Lug nuts are the hardware that secures your wheels to your car. Without lug nuts or lug bolts, your wheels would fall off.  Just like any other part of your car, there are different types of lug nuts and lug bolts. If you do not have the correct lug nut, then your wheel will not stay securely on.

Lug Nut Types 

There are several different types of lug nuts. The big difference from one to the next is the shape of the lug nut. Here are some of the basic types of lug nuts.
  • Conical or Tapered Seat: cone-shaped lug seat 
  • Spherical or Ball Seat: rounded lug seat 
  • Mag Seat: extended thread area and a flat washer seat
  • Flat Seat: flat, washer-like seat
  • Extended Thread: conical-shaped seat with extended thread for more engagement 
  • Tuner Style: small diameter using a special key on the outside end with a conical seat 
  • Small Diameter Spline Drive: small diameter using a special key on the spline grooves with conical seat 

What Are the Different Sizes of Lug Nuts? 

Besides the different types of lug nuts, there are also different sizes. It is important to know the size of your lug nut to ensure proper fitting. Here are the different sizes of lug nuts.

  • 10mm x 1.25
  • 12mm x 1.25 
  • 12mm x 1.50 
  • 12mm x 1.75
  • 14mm x 1.25 
  • 14mm x 1.5 
  • 14 mm x 2.0 
  • 7/16" x 20 
  • 1/2" x 20 
  • 9/16" x 18

Determining the Right Type of Lug Nut 

Now that you know there are different types and sizes of lug nuts, you are probably wondering how to know which one you need. There are five different things you need to know in order to determine the correct lug nut for your car.
  • Thread Size: You can determine this either by using a thread pitch gauge (available at local hardware stores) or take your current bolt to your local auto store and spin it on the bolts they have available.  
  • Thread Pitch: The distance between each thread 
  • Seat Type: This refers to where the lug nut actually makes contact with the wheel surface. The most common are acorn/tapered seat, a flat seat, or a ball seat. 
  • Length/Dimension: This refers to the dimension of your lug nut. It is important to confirm the dimension to ensure a proper fit. 
  • Finish/Color: This is all about personal preference. 
Looking at these five features will help you pick out the correct lug nut for your car.

Buy New Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are an important part of making your wheels stay on. Without lug nuts, your wheels would fall off.  To ensure the best fit, you need to get the right size and type of lug nuts. EZ Accessory offers all different sizes and types of lug nuts. Explore our selection today. We will make sure you have the right fit.

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