Thursday, November 22, 2018

What Wheel Accessories Help Off-Roading

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Whether you are off-roading for the first time in your SUV or you go off-roading every weekend in your tough truck, having the right vehicle parts is essential when you hit the rough roads. If you do not have the right parts, you could end up paying for unnecessary damage. To make your next off-roading trip enjoyable and less costly, check out these wheel accessories that help with off-roading.

Lift Kit

Whether you are off-roading through the desert or rough dirt, a lift kit will make your ride better. The purpose of a suspension lift kit is to raise the height of your vehicle to provide higher ground clearance. Higher ground clearance enables you to have steeper off-roading ascent and decent. A lift kit also allows you to add larger than life tires to your vehicle to improve traction and enhance style. A lift kit is a great wheel accessory to help you enjoy your off-roading experience.

Off-Road Tires 

A regular tire will not be able to handle the type of terrain you are about to experience with off-roading. To endure the high hills and muddy mountains, you will need super-strong, long-lasting, and all-terrain tires. The perfect tire will make your clearance and traction perfect so you can go over any size bolder or branch. When it comes to off-roading tires, there are different options. There are some things you should consider when choosing off-roading tires. Knowing these three things will help you to pick out the perfect off-roading tires for your vehicle.

  • Type of terrain: sand, mud, stone, snow, or rocks 
  • The maximum tire size your vehicle will take 
  • Your budget 


While your stock wheels may handle well driving through the big city, they will not make it through the rocks and mud. To avoid your tires prodding off your wheels, you will need something extra. A durable beadlock system clamps your tires in place so they cannot prod off your wheels. Even through the toughest terrain, a beadlock system will keep your wheels safe.  When selecting a beadlock system, you need to be aware that some are not DOT compliant- meaning they are not legal to drive on the road. To ensure you do not break your wheels, a beadlock system is an off-roading wheel accessory you need.

Wheel Adapter 

When it comes to off-roading, you will want to add larger tires. Larger tires will help you handle your vehicle. Bigger tires will also allow you to have better traction. Many times the type of wheel you want will not fit your vehicle, this is where a wheel adapter comes into play. A wheel adapter will allow you to add any size of wheel to your vehicle. Be sure to look more into a wheel adapter before going out and buying one. Wheel adapters vary based on the type of vehicle.

Get Your Wheel Accessories 

If you are ready to go off-roading, then you need the best wheel accessories. From wheel adapters to suspension kits, EZ Accessory has everything you'll need. Explore our selection today.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Do I Need Wheel Adapters?

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You may be looking for a way a cheap way to spruce up your car. One item you may have come across is wheel adapters. If you aren't familiar with the automobile industry, then you probably have no idea what wheel adapters are and whether or not you need them. To know whether you need an adapter or not, you need to know what adapters are and the two most common uses.

What Is a Wheel Adapter? 

First, you will need to know the use of wheel adapters.  If you want to add a bigger tire to your vehicle, then a wheel adapter is one way of doing so. Wheel adapters either change the lug pattern or push the distance of your wheel out by an inch or more. This allows you to use a different type of tire to your car.

Changing Bolt Pattern 

As stated above, one reason you use wheel adapters is to change the bolt pattern. Changing the bolt pattern is the most common reason wheel adapters are used. There are many different options when it comes to changing the bolt pattern. Adapters are available that will change a 5-4.50" to a 5-4.75" or 5-5.00.  Patterns can also go the other way and get smaller. Wheel adapters can also change a hole from a 4 to 5, but changing a 5 hole to a 6 hole is not possible.

Moving a Wheel Out 

The second use of a wheel adapter is to move a wheel out. In some cases, a bigger wheel doesn't mean a change in bolt or hole pattern. Both the bolt and hole pattern can stay the same, but additional space is needed to fit the wheel. Wheel adapters are the perfect solution for adding additional space between your vehicle and the wheel. A wheel adapter allows you to move the mounting face from a 1.125" up to 2.500". However, anything over 2.500" will require special design and engineering.

Why You Might Use a Wheel Adapter

Now that you know the basics of a wheel adapter, you may ask why you might use a wheel adapter. There are a couple of different reasons to use a wheel adapter. You might simply want to change up the look of your car. An easy and cost-effective way is to add nicer tires. However, the nicer tires may not fit on your vehicle. A wheel adapter allows you to add whatever type of wheel you want. Another common reason people use wheel adapters is to get a higher performance vehicle. One way to do this is with better tires.

Buy a Wheel Adapter 

Wheel adapters are a great way to add space or change the bolt pattern and allow you to change up the tires on your car. If you are ready to upgrade the look or performance of your vehicle, then it is time to buy wheel adapters. Take a look at the different wheel adapter options at EZ Accessory today.