Thursday, December 27, 2018

How to Remove and Install Lug Nuts

Photo by: pixel2013 | Pixabay

When it comes to car maintenance, there are two main things that people always say you need to know. The first is how to change a tire. The second is how to check your oil. While these basics are a good start, there are other car maintenance procedures that you should know how to do. One of these is how to remove and install a lug nut. After all, lug nuts are what hold your wheels onto your car. If they fail while you are driving, you can only imagine what it would do to your driving. While it is highly unlikely that all your lug nuts would fail at the same time, it is still good to know how to replace and install them.

Lug Nut Removal 

When a lug nut breaks, the first thing you will want to do is remove it. To remove a lug nut properly, you will need a few tools, mainly a wrench, a jack, and a socket wrench.

The first step is to loosen the lug bolts. Your car should remain on the ground during this step. Using a wrench, you will want to loosen the lug bolts. But do not pull the lug bolts off once they are loose.

Second, you will want to raise your car using a jack. Be sure the tire is more than a few inches off the ground. Once the tire is off the ground, remove the lug bolts and the tire.

The third step is to remove the brake caliper. You should be aware that the driver bits needed to remove a caliper is different for each manufacturer. You should look up the correct one for your caliper. Once the caliper is off, hang it from your car with a wire hanger to keep the weight off the brake line. After the caliper is off, remove the caliper mounting bracket.

Finally, remove the rotor and set it aside in a place where it will not get scratches or oil on it. Using a metal hammer hit the lug bolt out of the back of the wheel.

Lug Nut Installation 

After you have removed the old broken lug nut, you will need to install a new one. To install a new lug nut, your wheel must be turned to align the hole with the slot on the rear hub flange, which allows the clearance to thread it through.

The first step is to brush away any rust from the wheel using a metal bristle brush. After brushing the rust away, you will need to lubricate both the bolt and the bolt hole. Insert the bolt into the hole as far as it will go.

Second, thread a large nut over the end of the new bolt. The nut should not thread onto the bolt but slide over it like a washer.  Finally, thread the new lug nut over the end of the new bolt. Using a lug wrench, tighten the nut. This will draw the hub until the bolt head is flush with the back the flange. Once you remove the large nut and tighten the lug nut, you are finished.

Get New Lug Nuts Today! 

Now that you know how to remove and install lug nuts, you will want to keep some on hand. To get the best lug nuts, visit EZ Accessory today.


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